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About YWL

YunWen ⧒ Lena

YunWen Lai, was raised and born in Taiwan, came to Academy Of Art University to get her Master of fine art degree in Fashion Design. She started with no fashion background before the MFA degree. After three years of learning, she finished her final collection with her another talented skill in knitting. Other than garment construction, She loves creating knitwear design. In her final collection idea was based on fairies that living in urban city, finding recycled knitwears transforming them into new looks. More than just putting out creativity, she cares environmental, she wants to build the fashion that can do less harm to the world by doing recycling knitwear idea as environmental friendly fashion. There are many of fashion designers out there desperately showing what their creativities are. Same as YunWen, having many of incredible idea but she is putting more effort in giving good impact into this environment and society.

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